3874-99-354 is Chassis Parts on Ball Joint form Laryi auto parts. It's used by car of MAZDA.

Product OE number
Laryi. NO. BJ0007
REF. NO. 3874-99-354
Product basic information
Fitting Position Front Axle
Fitting Position left and right
Conical Degree 1:8
Fitted Diameter ∅12.65
Outer Thread M12x1.25
Bady Hole 3-∅8.5

What the others number group such as 3874-99-354.

3874-99-354B 3874-99-354 0603-99-354A 0603-99-354B
387499354B 387499354 060399354A 060399354B
0603-34-540 D27Z-3049A D77Z-3049A 060334540
D27Z3049A D77Z3049A