Focus On Performance For Longer Life With Increased Durableness, Wear-Resisting dependably and enduring for a wide of vehicles.

Grease Zerk design

It's very easy to inject new Lubricating Oil and take out old Lubricating Oil, Reducing Friction Resistance for longest life.

Cover with Standard Threaded Hole

With the Standard Threaded Hole can easily to replaced when the Grease Zerk was damaged.

Disc Spring

High stiffness, strong cushioning and vibration absorption ability, can bear large load with small deformation.

Powder Metallurgy Gusher Bearing

The shape of LARYI Gusher Bearing is toothed to bite the inner surface of the Housing for It doesn't rotate in inside and to make sure the axial direction dons't change. Floor surface has slotted oil to make sure oil can flows into the friction surface for Reduced Friction when Ball Stud was swing. The roughness of ball surface is less than 0.8 and so smooth, The hardness was HRC32-38 for Wear-Resisting and Reduced Friction.

Ball Hardened Stud with Grease Grooves

Durable dependability and long life.

Whole Forged Housing with Heat Treatment

Precise tolerance fit with ball stud make sure the contact surface are more than 90% for reduced friction and long life.

High quality Polychloroprene Sealed Boot with Washer

Able to withstand extreme low / high temperatures and stockpiles grease, Also, The old grease can be drained.