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Suspension Parts Manufacturer

Get Sales And Technical Support Immediately Via The Following Ways.


Suspension Parts Manufacturer's IATF 16949 Quality System Certification

There is strict process control follows the international manufacturing standards that from raw material procurement, production process, manufacturing technology, product testing, quality management. Not only that,The whole manufacturing of Suspension Parts are managed by 6S, Ensure that quality meets customer needs.

After more than 20 years of development, LARYI has the ability to manufacture any suspension spare parts for light and heavy vehicles, while meeting the customization of any suspension spare parts products.


Custom Suspension Parts

LARYI manufacturer's engineers can work directly with the customer, They can quickly understand your requirements for the product. And quickly solve product technical problems through design, modification and production.

  • Custom Ball Joint
  • Custom Control Arm
  • Custom Stabilizer Link
  • Custom Bushings

LARYI has many years of experience in customizing products for customers. Customized products 100% meet the needs of customers, and all customized products are successful. So far, there has been no case of customization failure. Meanwhile, wa has successfully designed suspension products on driverless vehicles.


The Reliable Suspension Parts Supplier

A professional suspension parts manufacturer with R & D and production capacity must be your best choice and your one-stop purchasing supplier.

Quality Test

LARYI's suspension parts are 100% tested. The testing process includes raw material testing, product performance testing and size testing. Each test has strict process control.

And in the process of testing, if the customer needs, we can shoot a video and send it to the customer for confirmation. It's no longer just a piece of paper with test results.

Technical Support

Our technical engineers can provide technical support. If you have any new products or new ideas.Our engineers can directly participate in the design modification with you.

At the same time, Our production department will produce the products involved and send it to you and do it within the allotted time. Make sure you are satisfied with the whole process.


Our team has a clear division of labor, sales are responsible for sales, and technicians are responsible for technical support for customers. Quality personnel are responsible for product testing.

The staff of each department has got professional training and very team player, Be able to know clearly and directly the problem or question you are discussing.

We are updating our product database, and you can find the products you need through the search function of the website. At the same time, A lot of data has not been updated yet, if you can not find what you need, Please contact us, We will reply you as soon as we got your information.

LARYI Suspension Parts

LARYI is constantly improving the technology of suspension parts. Every production process has a strict process control process. In actual use, LARYI's suspension parts can ensure good driving performance of the vehicle on rough roads, Even under extremely harsh conditions such as extremely hot or cold weather .

  • Resistant to high temperature in special environment. Wear resistant. Resistant to corrosion. Low temperature prevention
  • It is safe and reliable in the process of driving. Especially in very bad road conditions.
  • Special internal structure design. Strict process control. Perfect size fit. Special customization needs.
  • Professional suspension parts manufacturer integrating sales, design, R & D and production.


LARYI ball joint is very wear-resistant and can be used for a long time.

The ball joint of suspenion parts are easy to break. Because it starts working as soon as you drive and it doesn't work when you don't drive. So that is one of the most important parts in the driving process of the car.


LARYI Stabilizer Link welds are being reinforced after welding.

The Stabilizer Link is also called the sway bar links or linkage. The important function in the process of vehicle driving is to ensure the smooth wheels, Make sure the vehicle balance and better ride comfort.


LARYI control arm is robotically welded, Position of welding is uniform.

Control arm made by LARYI has a strong rigid force and can withstand the carrying capacity for a long time. And the bushing is resistant to high temperatures and excellent wear resistance.

We focus on product safety, rely on continuous improvement of technology and strict control of quality process to meet customer expectations, and are committed to the development and production of high-performance, high-tech products.

6 Big Reasons Why Choose Suspension Parts form LARYI Manufacturer

  • More than 20 years of manufacturing of suspension parts.
  • Professional high precision CNC machine and high-precision detection instrument.
  • A professionally trained team of suspension parts and professional engineers with professional titles.
  • Quality control process including 6S and IATF 16949 and good process control system.
  • Responsive sales and technical engineers, 24/7 online hours to meet varying times.
  • Suspension accessories for light and heavy duty vehicles, as well as other special purpose vehicles.