Rack End

Are you looking for best and highest quality of Rack End steering parts. If so, Laryi will give you the best price and the exactly solution.

Rack End Car Steering Parts

Rack end used by steering system. It is also one of the most important auto parts in chassis system as same as Stabilizer Link. In other words, Rack end is one of chassis parts too. Our factory have more than 6,000 different types about it and Covers more than 40 different car models.

Rack End price

Our factory price is $1.25-$4.85 / Piece, 300 Pieces Min. Order. For your attention, Why should you focus the factory price?

Factory price is cost of production + the profit of the factory. The price does not include any freight to the market and the price of the middleman. Generally speaking, The profit of the factory are 3%-5%. The profit of the middleman are 25%-30% or higher. If you get the higher price, Which means the middlemen are not only one. Buying Rack End, You'll save a lot of price from Laryi factory not distributors, resellers, retailers. On the other hand, If there is no professional team such as Sales, Technology, Quality department, You will waste a lot of cost time.

Small Business Friendly. Our minimum order quantity is 300pcs. However, We have business with many customers. If you need the product same as other customers. Probably, You will get 100pcs of minimum order quantity.

Rack End Quality

Congratulations! You are visiting a reliable manufacturer that is very concerned about quality. In the past 10 years, We provide a lot of services to our clients, we know how exactly client need it and how important quality is! Good quality of Rack End will help your business increase, and it is just a matter of time. The most special is, when you have the good quality, You will always have the satisfied customers in your company and you have less after-sales service work need to do.

Our quality control system was ISO169149. Our factory have quality department, Every employee experience in the quality department is not less than three years. Meanwhile, Our quality training is not less than 10 times a year. And the training is not only for the staff of the quality department, But also for everyone, Especial workers. We believe only the most qualified staff can go that extra mile to meet the your expectations of perfection.

If you get wrong product or the product have quality problem whithin 1 year , we will compensate you same quantity product as shipped and free all charge. Meanwhile, When you confirm order list and price , we can send you some pcs for check quality and we will pay ship charge.

Custom Rack End

Have you had a terrible experience about custom something? For example, There is something about the customized design or complicated demand, You will feel very tried try to explain your ideal and over and over again, At the end, The complete products are not what you want. So, With this terrible experience, Even when Some professional people say “yes”, “got it”, “clear”, “okay”, and you probable are not sure if they really understand what you mean or not.

Actually, The person who talking with you most of them are just salespeople. They have a lot of experience in selling products but no more professional product technical knowledge, Especially the middlemen. For the reason that we offer a perfect solution. And when you need Custom Rack End or design something, Laryi technology departments will help you complete these processes. Don't worry, They have good English skill to talk with you at 7/24, Technical Support E-mail: tech@laryi.com.

Professional people who do professional things

In fact, Most of the people you talk to in business are middlemen in China. And you are so hard to know who are. Also, They can provide you with professional help at a lot of times. But Imagine, Are you getting the slowly reply? And is this answer you're looking for?

Our team will help you. The sales department will always be with you, wherever you have any problems to solve. When you need technical support, our technical engineer will serve you. At the same time, The quality department will control the whole process of your product. Notice. You are doing business with a professional team.

OEM services

Do everything possible to help customers be competitive in “Quality”, “Delivery time ”, “price”. One the other hand, Print customer-owned logo on the product and package. Make sure customers win the end market.

Ship ways

If you have ship agent, we will send the goods to agent warehouse. If you haven't, We can also find ship agent for you. And this is door to door transport.

Your One Stop Rack End Parts Supplier.

We offer a complete purchase plan. If you have any questions, please let us know. In addition, Laryi is expecting to working with you in future. Welcome to pay a visit to our factory at any time. Our Service time 7/24.