Ball joint price

In fact, When you know the ball joint price. The price of other products will be quite clear. At the beginning, You must know the composition of the price. But before we go, Focus on the following issues.

  • What's the relationship between ball joint price and quality?
  • Ball joint raw material prices.
  • Manufacturing process affect ball joint price.
  • To compare ball joint prices must be fair.
  • Manufacturer VS Trading company.
  • How is the ability of the Manufacturer?

The composition of product prices including these except for the trading company above. In other words, If customers do business with trading company, Customers need to pay additional fees to trading companies. Because that is them profit.

What's the relationship between ball joint price and quality?

Could you think about the quality of the product when you get the cheap price? Many customers tell us that they need good product quality and cheap price. However, The actual situation is not like this. In general, High product price means good product quality, But this has a lot to do with the integrity of the supplier. Why? Speaking of supplier, Have you ever considered it that them sells ball joint ​​low-priced materials to you as that high-priced materials. On the other hand, Do you have the ability to distinguish these materials? So, Let us figure it out.

Ball joint raw material price

Before we talk about the ball joint raw material prices, It's so important that you need to know the composition of the product. Because this will help you to know how the price is positioned.

For example, The material of ball body is 40Cr. Think carefully, What If the material of others that is cheaper than 40Cr? Actually, That means the price of the product will be low, But it also means that the quality of the product is not good. So, We can be 100% sure. Low price products are not customers who need high quality want. In many times, This is why you can get a low price.

Manufacturing process affect ball joint price

To understand what's going on here you need some expertise. However, You can know one of ball joint price positioning here. First, Please focus on the red size.

The red size is so important, Because it has a direct relationship to the service life of the product. But how do we to understand and why does it affect prices? For example, The digit 0.03 Likes the size of a hair. Workers control this size and may only make 800 pcs one day. If the size is changed to 0.06, Workers can make 1600pcs one day. The same can prove that other sizes are the same. This is why the quality of the product is related to the price. If you didn't know it before,That's because your supplier didn't tell you.

To compare ball joint prices must be fair

However, when you are comparing the price is more expensive or cheaper, There must be same about raw material and industrial process remain. In other situations, the compare results are nonsense.

Manufacturer VS Trading company

In general, Trading company get the goods from Manufacturer to sell customer. And the price you get is processed, To get a lower price, Usually they don't care about quality, They will look for smaller manufacturers to get lower price and make sure they can get your order. Finally, you will find that there are many problems with your product. For that reason that many customers skipped the distributors, resellers, retailers to contact us directly.

The trading compant will play the role of Manufacturer to talk with you. Sometimes you don't know who they are trading or factories. Here is a little tips to help you. Will the quote take a long time? Do they know any technical issues? And judging by your experience.

How is the ability of the Manufacturer?

Speaking of ability, You need know the most basic department of the factory such as Technical , R&D, Sales, Quality Control, Management department. These departments serve you directly, They are also a guarantee of the quality of your products. However, That is one of ball joint price positioning.

Congratulations! Although we only speak from the general direction, But you should know why the prices are different. Meanwhile, You can check the capabilities of our factory By visiting or viewing TAIZHOU LARYI MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.