45503-0C030 is one of Rack End parts that is for car of TOYOTA. In aother words, It's TOYOTA Parts. Most noteworthy, That is working with 0122-USK65. Speak of the 0122-USK65, It is a set of product systems in Chassis Parts .

Product OE number
Laryi. NO. RE0201
REF. NO. 45503-0C030
Product basic information
Fitting Position Left
Fitting Position right
Weight; 1.385kg
Outer Thread 1 M30x1.5
Outer Thread 2 M22X1.5

Other OE/OEM number such as 45503-0C030.

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45503-0C030 45503-0C020 44250-0C091
455030C030 455030C020 442500C091
44250-0C120 442500C120 0122-USK65

Important vehicle option details about the 0122-USK65.

The Sequoia and Tundra with 1URFE, 2UZFE, 3URFBE, 3URFE; 1URFE and time for 2008-2018. This information will help you to check you vehicle, make sure ther is nothing wrong. Meanwhile, you can check the more informartion for the below table.

There is no doubt about The vehicle option must be important. However, The quality of the product is also worthy of your attention. If you want Check the quality of the product, Please contact our sales department through the information on the website. If you do that, you can get the free sample or the sample picture. At the same time, We provide free technical support.

Model Engine Displacement Power Hp Type Year
TOYOTA SEQUOIA (UCK6_, UPK6_, USK6_) (2007/11 - /)
SEQUOIA (UCK6_, UPK6_, USK6_) 4.7 4WD 2UZ-FE 4664 206 280 MPV 07/11 - /
SEQUOIA (UCK6_, UPK6_, USK6_) 5.7 4WD 3UR-FE 5663 284 386 MPV 07/11 - /
SEQUOIA (UCK6_, UPK6_, USK6_) 4.7 2UZ-FE 4664 206 280 MPV 07/11 - /
SEQUOIA (UCK6_, UPK6_, USK6_) 5.7 3UR-FE 5663 280 381 MPV 07/11 - /